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Gold Partner

Gold Sponsor - City of Perth

Gold Supporters

BHP Billiton

Department of Industry and Resources

Central TAFE WA

Murdoch University

Curtin University of Technology

Silver Supporters

ICTICC - the ICT Industry Collaboration Centre
FORM - Building a State of Creativity
Women are IT
SAE Institute

Bronze and In-Kind Supporters

Bronze Sponsor - resolume PC-based VJ software
Media World Pictures
Go Girl, Go for IT Careers Expo
AWIA - The Australian Web Industry Association
Giant Dice pervasive games consultancy
Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar
Planet Video
Perth Norg
Buzka - Share the web, your way
Scouta - Play More
Propelarts Youth Arts WA GrooveFM Youth Community Radio Enjoy Perth
WAnimate - the WA Animation Association Plaza Digital Claytons Australia Printed Bags
DiskBank DirectSMS Warpspace IT
bam creative
StarSurf - Owned by Surfers
The Broth - Facebook apps and live art
  Perth Youth Advisory Council  

Would your business like to consider sponsoring the Byte Me! Festival?

We are well aware of the need for reciprocal benefit to the sponsor. We see this responsibility as running deeper than just ‘advertising’, and prefer to be able to show tangible benefits that are of value to the organisation providing the support.

For this reason, we prefer to form relationships with businesses who are likely to get the most benefit from an affiliation with the Festival – businesses who either employ creative technology professionals, or who provide goods or services used by them.

Before considering sponsorship of Byte Me! Festival, ask yourself, "What does my organisation want out of this?" then make that clear in your negotiation with us.

We will aim to deliver what we promise plus a bit more, with the intention that you'll be happy to continue this relationship in future years.

We have four levels of sponsorship:

  • Platinum – only one available. $20,000 minimum. Largest logo placement on posters, flyers, postcards, emails, website and cover of Program. Mention on podcasts. Six season-passes to all Festival events.
  • Gold – Up to six available. $5000 minimum. Medium logo placement on posters, flyers postcards, website and cover of Program. Four season-passes to all Festival events.
  • Silver – Up to ten available. $1000 minimum. Small logo placement on posters, website and in body of Program. Two season-passes to all Festival events.
  • Bronze – Unlimited available. $500 minimum. Small logo placement on website and in body of Program. Double-pass to a Festival event of sponsor’s choosing.

You can specify sponsorship of a particular event or Guest Speaker if you wish. You can have their talk listed as 'presented by' (if you pay all the costs for that speaker) or 'supported by' (if you partially contribute to them attending Perth to present their talk or performance).

In addition, we would like to extend the 'Festival partner' discounted ticket price to all employees of Sponsor organisations. While ticket pricing has yet to be finalised, this discount is intended to be substantial - 40-50% off.

If your business would like to negotiate or enquire about sponsorship, please contact Festival Director Kat Black on:


The Byte Me! Festival is seeking your support. I'm sure you have some idea how much work and expense it takes to put on a Festival, and as you're probably aware, it's all being developed from the ground up. We've been lucky enough to be offered some incredible national and international guests that will really raise the profile of the Festival and help to position Perth as a hub for Digital Content in the Asia-Pacific Region.

But we need to pay for it all, and I'm asking for your help.

Donations will go towards the cost of flights and accommodation for guest speakers and performers, and allow us to keep the ticket prices affordable (some events will even be free!). Donations also encourage us to keep working towards building the first Digital Content Festival in Perth by showing your commitment to personally supporting BM!F and putting your money where your proverbial mouth is.

For the 2007 Festival, I'm very pleased to be working with the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) to enable BM!F supporters to make tax deductible donations under the Australia Cultural Fund:

If you'd like to be a donor please complete the donation form (Word or pdf version) and post it directly to AbaF with your payment or credit card details. They'll provide you with a receipt and take your preference into consideration when allocating grants. Please do not make donations payable to the Festival or me personally, or you'll miss out on the tax deduction - a tragedy.

All donations nomatter how small are appreciated. And just think, you can tell all your friends you're a "Patron of the Arts". Wow, fancy!

Then, you can pop this funky little badge on your site, just like the tin-rattlers give out. It's an honour system, we'll trust you to send in the money. Link back to here and spread the love...

Byte Me! Festival Supporter

for dark background

Byte Me! Festival Supporter

for light background

To embed on your Facebook, MySpace, Blog etc, the code is:

for dark background:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Byte Me! Festival Supporter" width="100" height="100" border="0"></a>

for light background:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Byte Me! Festival Supporter" width="100" height="100" border="0"></a>

Thanks a bunch for your support :)

kat black, festival director

PS - You're not eligible for a tax deduction for BM!F donations if you're a relative of mine, or if you're directly involved in the Festival (eg one of the presenters or performers). Sorry, Mum! xx

"An Expo to Go"

The first 1500 attendees at ticketed events (including Schools screenings) will receive a Showbag of goodies from Sponsors, information from Industry bodies and such. The same sort of stuff you'd take home from an Expo - but without the palava.

We will be looking for a strategic partner to develop the Showbag package. We hope to include information about the types of careers available in the digital content industries, skills and qualifications required, potential employers, courses available, etc.

If your business would like to donate goods to be included in these Showbags, please contact:

... the geek shall inherit the earth <