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Kylie Robertson Creative Director

She suffers from permanent Mondayitis; has a crush on a guy who doesn’t know she exists and is a stickler for returning DVDs on time – she’s Girl Friday, the “I’ll try anything once” gal and the main character of Australia’s newest comedy series.

Event: Business Models for a Digital Landscape Seminar 11am Sun 2nd Dec
Status: Confirmed, thanks to AFTRS Centre for Screen Business

The show follows the life of the funny, irreverent and sometimes bumbling adventures of our eponymous heroine; her she-devil boss and her best mates. It’s not only hilarious but it’s been made specially for the small screen and it’s interactive. The short format episodes are supported by an extensive online site where audiences can delve into Girl Friday’s handbag and explore extra story content through everyday communication devices such as mobile phones, emails, voicemail and video.

The series is an entertaining blend of fiction and reality and offers customised entertainment for the individual viewer. The integrated experience enhances the connection a viewer shares with the characters in the Girl Friday universe to an even more exciting and engaging level than an ordinary television show. It maximizes and encourages intimacy through use of mobile phone and computer technology, while never losing the essence of a great story.

As storytellers, Ish Media’s philosophy is to harness constantly-evolving technology to deliver quality entertainment to a global audience. Ingenious huh?

The Creative Director of Ish Media, Kylie Robertson, champions great story telling as the heart of every project. “Ultimately stories are the engine driving the technology, not the other way around. Audiences see straight through that. Emotions are what connect us all as social beings. Girl Friday is a new form of social media. It takes the essence of sharing and community, and combines it with compelling entertainment.”

16 x 4 minute live action episodes (Season 1 & 2)
64 x 2 minute online ancillary video installments (Season 1 & 2)
Extensive online site at (tip: click the zip to get access to Girl Friday's handbag contents)

Ish Media

At Ish Media we champion great story telling. We harness constantly-evolving technology to create digital media concepts and content to engage and delight audiences no matter what the delivery platform: broadcast, internet, wireless, mobile. Ish Media also offers unique services to enable content creators, companies and marketers to engage one-to-one with their target audience.

Ingenious really.

Managing Director Debra Allanson has over 20 years experience as a senior executive in production financing, distribution and media content strategy in Australia and the UK.

Debra is former Chief Executive of ScreenWest, the screen content development and funding agency of the Western Australian government. Previously, Debra was Production Director for UK film and TV distributor, ITC Entertainment, and Managing Director of the Robert Holmes a` Court company, Meridian Entertainment (UK).

Creative Director Kylie Robertson is a multi award-winning practitioner, expert, and sought after speaker in the field of interactive and cross platform media. Kylie, originally trained as a scientific photographer, progressed to international recognition as an interactive filmmaker with her film ‘Silent Passages’ which won a spot at MILIA 2000 Cannes and
festival screenings around the world.

Kylie has worked as a senior interactive designer and studio manager at Digital Pictures where her work spanned both broadcast and interactive platforms. An alumni of the Victorian College of the Arts School of Film & TV, Kylie lectured at VCA in visual effects and broadcast design from 2002-2005 and has taught Imaging Theory to creative media students at RMIT.

Creative Producer Karla Burt has worked across varied television formats and television networks, primarily ABC TV and Channel Nine since 2002. Her life before TV (TV production that is, not watching!) was in Public Relations where she worked predominantly in the youth marketing area both in Australia and overseas. In recent years Karla has not only been working in “traditional” television but also entered the exciting world of cross platform entertainment as a producer and actor.

... the geek shall inherit the earth <