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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you possibly cover so many types of digital content in just 10 days?

We're shallow. This Festival will just be a cocktail platter of tasty little morsels. If you like the bite-sized bits we've served up, we'll help you find a heartier meal afterwards. There are more specialised events locally and internationally, and a kaleidescope of information online. We'll develop a resources page for each type of digital content, detailing the types of jobs in that field, likely employers, conferences, expos, where you can study, etc.

  • I can't make it to Perth, can I still participate?

Yes. We're aiming to podcast all the Guest Speakers talks, as well as putting videos online. We have the technology... Although having seen many of the Guest Speakers and performers in person myself, I can promise you that it's worth the effort to see them live.

There is limited capacity in this heritage-listed venue, but if you're coming from overseas or interstate let us know and we will hold back a certain number of seats for visitors.

  • What will it cost to attend?

There won't be a Registration Fee of hundreds of dollars to get involved - events are open to everyone. Many of the interactive activities will be free, and the ticketed events will be as low-cost as we can manage, depending on the level of sponsorship we receive. Some of the speakers and performers will be coming from interstate and overseas, but we will try to make even these events as affordable as possible.

  • Can I perform/speak/have my film screened etc at your Festival?

We already have a packed Program for this year, sorry!

Although, if you're a WA digital content producer, we'd love your content to screen as part of Get Reel. The formal Callout happen soon - email us earlier to express interest. We'd love to show your work on this site earlier and get you some traffic.

  • Why are you running Byte Me! Festival?

Simple answer - "because it's needed". Byte Me! Festival was inspired by the annual Perth Massive Party, which for 6 years has brought together groups from the local digital content community in a social context. In more recent years, that's included screenings of digital content - for example the SIGGRAPH Perth reel. Kat suggested that the general community would also be interested in seeing this world-class material, and that to promote that to a wide, public audience may help to encourage people into the industries. The result... Byte Me! Festival.

  • Who's behind Byte Me! Festival?

Festival Director is Kat Black from VJzoo and Phonetic - google me, or ask around. I'm not some slick PR person trying to cash in on geek-chic - I'm well known within the Perth digital content community and whatever anyone says about me is probably true.

Technical Director is Jasper Cook, also from from VJzoo.

Communications Advisor is Greg Lawrence.

We have the support of a range of community groups who are involved in varying degrees with running and publicising specific events, providing content and participants etc.

Byte Me! Festival is not being hosted by a particular institution or organisation, but we have broad cross-institutional and organisational support.

There's an informal Focus Group with members from stakeholder organisations, Industry experts and such. Members include representatives from all the major universities and a number of other organisations involved in teaching digital content development.

Please let Kat know if you're interested in joining and contributing to the strategic direction of the Festival by joining our Focus Group - we would be very grateful of your input, and appreciate the opportunity to keep you in the loop about the behind the scenes development of the Festival.

  • Who won the Design Comp?

It was a difficult decision, and in the end it was split between two designers - Tristan Groves for the logotype and Tom Williamson for the colours and toothy character.

Special mentions also go to onetrickpony (we want to use 'George' for a t-shirt), Fenris, Jesse Birch from Globe Design, Tiana Hunt, Trilby Temperley and Jessica Singh who all win an all-event pass for Byte Me! Festival.

Byte Me! is:

A festival of geek creativity

Community-based, inclusive

Hands-on demonstrations, interactive activities

Showcasing local talent that's doing well in a global market

Expanding the established networking benefits of various digital-content community groups.

Accessible - encouraging the general public to see what's going on in the WA Digital Content community.

Graphic design, animation, electronic music, games development, 3D visualisation, design, VJing, DJing and a whole lot more

Evolving - this is the first year and it's not like anything else held in WA.

Looking for corporate sponsors.

Aiming to attract more people into these exciting and rapidly growing fields.

Byte Me! isn't:

Exclusive or elitist. It's for everyone who uses a computer or a mobile phone, or who watches those 'extras' on a DVD. If you've got as far as this website, then that includes you.

In-Depth. It's just a tasty little sampler.

Academic - like Graphite, BEAP, DAC, DIMEA, CADE or TURA. There will be no refereed papers or academic analysis. We will be having talks by Industry experts and even some academics, but they'll be aimed at a wide public audience.

Fine Arts - like PIAF, Awesome, Artrage. Although there will be aspects of digital arts showcased and a number of the participants are practicing artists as well as being active in Industry, our curation is not intended to showcase artistic merit. There are quite enough Arts Festivals already.

A Film Festival - like Revelation. We'll be showing screenings, even an Australian Premiere (LOTR-fan doco Figwit), but there will be far more emphasis on tools and technique than a 'proper' Film Festival.

A Trade Expo - like GO3. Companies can encourage their employees to participate and show off their skills, but it's all very informal and not intended to be an avenue for hard-selling of products etc. Showing off world-class digital content and headhunting, on the other hand, won't be discouraged.

A Careers Expo - like GoGirl or the Careers and Education Expo. We DO hope to be inspiring people to consider a career in the digital content industries by providing the sort of info you'd take home from an Expo - but without the overheads, noise and ordeal of an Expo.

A Conference - like WAMi. Although there will be a smorgasbord of Guest Speakers, and opportunities to network with them.

... the geek shall inherit the earth <