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events > Saturday 1st December dusk (approx 8.30pm)

Live Cinema

At an outdoor CBD location to be announced HERE on the day! Set yourself a reminder to come back here to find out where to go.

VJing grew up, went to school and this is what it became. Using the same tools and techniques developed in nightclubs, live video performance has now become a recognised artform. Some of the very best in the world will be in Perth to collaborate on this event - a large-scale outdoor video projection performance unlike anything you've seen here before.

Bring pillows, beanbags or folding chairs to watch in comfort. No food or drink at event, but vendors nearby will be open, or BYO picnic (NO ALCOHOL).

This will be a family-friendly outdoor arts event, not like anything held in Perth before.

Featuring Solu (Finland/Barcelona), Jean Poole (Melb) and VJzoo (Perth). Free.

Help us plug:

Perth Town Hall

Secret Location!

Perth Town Hall will be the rally point, so if you can't get online to check the location on the day, assemble on the grassed area beside Perth Town Hall by 8pm and volunteers will lead you to the secret site...

The Perth Town Hall is on the corner of Barrack St and the Hay St Mall (east end of the Hay St Mall).

There is an unrelated event on at the Town Hall that evening, so don't go inside. If you are on the lawn, you will be collected :)

And yes, we even have a plan In Case of Rain so don't let a bit of unseasonal drizzle put you off! Just wait in the undercroft of the Town Hall and bring an umbrella for the walk.

Solu (aka Mia Makela, Finland)

Solu is a Finnish media+live cinema artist, teacher, investigator and cultural activist residing in Barcelona.

Her recently completed Masters thesis on Live Cinema has been widely acknowledged as the best resource available to date on this rapidly evolving field. She has performed and conducted workshops in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Finland and more.

Solu appears thanks the following generous sponsors:

Arts Council of Finland

BHP Billiton

FORM - Building a State of Creativity

Solu will also be running a 2-day workshop at Graphite Conference :)

SOLU aka Mia Makela

Jean Poole (Melbourne)

Jean Poole is a Melbourne based writer and video producer, especially interested in live audiovisual manipulation, and methods of combining animation with video. Creator of, he teaches digital media @ various Melbourne Universities.

Currently on a 6 month video residency in Istanbul, Turkey with, he has recently added many European audiovisual performances to a long list of festival gigs up and down the East coast of Australia.

He founded the Electrofringe Festival back in the 20th century, and more recently helped initiate Melbourne's long running Plug N Play event. His recently completed panoramic animation for six screens, 'Animals really are funny people' won the 2007 Horse Bazaar prize.

Jean Poole


VJzoo consists of Kat Black (VJ kattyb) and Jasper Cook (VJ bunniboi). We collect vintage equipment. We VJ. We tour. We run Plug n Play Perth.

Paul Spinrad, author of the VJ Book said we're 'influential and internationally-respected VJs with a rare mix of (blah, blah)...' but that's probably because we plied him with cocktails after he came to one of our gigs in the US.

... the geek shall inherit the earth <