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events > Sunday 2nd December 3.30pm-6pm

An Animated Life

Perth Town Hall Main Hall, $19/$9.50 +bf Book Tickets for An Animated Life

Melanie Beisswenger (Germany) will share her experiences as an animator on a wide range of projects, from animating on TV commercials in smaller studios to work on large feature film productions such as ‘Happy Feet’.

She will give insight into the process of creating digital imagery and character animations and discuss the challenges artists and animators are faced with in their daily work.

Melanie will show excerpts and behind-the-scenes material from the production of the Academy Award winning feature film ‘Happy Feet’ and the TV commercial for the computer game ‘BioShock’.

Melanie has recently taken on a position as Assistant Professor at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore and is now sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.

Melanie's appearance is generously supported by the SAE Institute.

SAE Institute

Melanie Beisswenger (Germany)

Melanie is a character animator from Germany who is leading the life of a ‘digital nomad’ traveling through countries and continents to work on exciting feature films and TV commercials.

Some of her past projects include the Academy Award winning feature film ‘Happy Feet’, the stereoscopic 3D animated feature ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ and the TV commercial for the blockbuster game ‘Bioshock’.

You can see some of Melanie's work online at:

Randall Lynton (Perth)

Randall is an independent designer and animator specializing in production of engaging online content. After several years working for other companies, Randall established Liquid Amber Design in 2004, a creative studio offering a hybrid of film, art and design disciplines. Liquid Amber’s profile has grown considerably since it’s inception due to strong client referrals and effective methods of self promotion through the Internet. The studio is currently producing online animations for San Francisco & New York based companies.

Through Liquid Amber, Randall has created, produced and directed a number of internationally acclaimed short films such as ‘Suicidal Balloon’, winning Best Entertainment web site in the prestigious 2004 American Web Marketing Association Awards. Randall recently attended the Melbourne International Animation Festival to premiere, promote and present a lecture on his recent award winning film, ‘Ransis & Alee’.

Randall will be speaking about the importance of self-promotion as an effective tool towards gaining exposure for yourself and your projects, particularly in relation to promoting short films.


Ransis and Alee

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