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events > Sunday 2nd December 11am - 3pm (approx)

Business models for digital distribution seminar

Perth Town Hall Main Hall, $19/$9.50 +bf Book Tickets for Business Models for a Digital Landscape

AFTRS Centre for Screen Business ran this excellent seminar at the recent RevFest and I was so impressed I've asked them to reprise the seminar so that we can get more people along. While the title may sound a bit yawnworthy, this is SO worth your attending if you produce any type of digital content, or are interested in using online tools to market pretty much any product or service.

CSB also have a load of amazing resources online, such as The Knowledge, a series of insightful interviews with experienced Industry practitioners.

"New forms of digital delivery offer both promise and threat to filmmakers. Many ambitious predictions have been made about the impact of the internet. But how much is real and how much is hype? What are the future business models? And, most importantly, where will Australian content be in this new media landscape?"

The expert panelists featured at the Seminar at Byte Me! Festival will include Rob Antulov, Kylie Robertson and Simon Britton.

Kat also ran a BM!F style workshop at the ICTWA 2007 Conference called The Social Web is Serious Business - the resources are still online, you may find them useful.

AFTRS CSB - Business Models for Digital Distribution


Rob Antulov (Sydney)

Perth-born Rob Antulov is co-founder and CEO of 3eep, a recently launched Australian sports-oriented social network, which offers passionate sports players, fans, coaches and administrators the ability to take their real-world conversations into an online space.

Rob is also currently Executive Director at Perceptric Media and operates a strategic advisory practice, MediaNext, offering guidance to companies, from early stage to corporate, on issues associated with convergence in media and technology.

Until recently Rob was Director of Strategy at Fairfax Media Ltd, responsible for Fairfax’s corporate direction on strategic growth, media convergence and digital expansion. He was a key member of the team that assessed corporate opportunities in media sectors including newspapers, magazines, free-to-air television, digital and traditional radio, online classifieds, Pay TV, datacasting and IPTV.

He also happens to be the current Director of the Sydney Film Festival and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia, as though all of the other roles weren't enough!

Kylie Robertson Creative Director, Girl Friday (Melb)

She suffers from permanent Mondayitis; has a crush on a guy who doesn’t know she exists and is a stickler for returning DVDs on time – she’s Girl Friday, the “I’ll try anything once” gal and the main character of Australia’s newest comedy series. ....more


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