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events > Thursday 6th December, 9pm - midnight

Plug n Play - Audiovisual and VJ's.

Perth Town Hall Main Hall $8/$5 +bf Book Tickets for Plug n Play

Plug n Play started in Melbourne, spread to Perth and then Sydney. It's a regular, hands-on audiovisual jam session where VJ's, electronic musicians, AV acts and other audiovisual geeks come along and show off their skills, style and equipment to each other

If you've ever been interested in VJing, this is the night to come along. Newbies are VERY welcome!

Mix with local, interstate and international VJs, talk to them, have a play with their equipment (if you're well behaved and keep your drinks away!)

Help us plug Plug n Play:

Probable attendees and their toys to show off:

  • Solu (Finland/Barcelona) - Max MSP Jitter, VJ Theory
  • Jean Poole (Melb) - Max MSP Jitter
  • Roly Skender (Perth) - VJamm
  • dpWolf (Melb) - Mac-based VJing, VJ Theory
  • VJ Pied Piper (Melb) - Open TZT
  • Jaymis Loveday (Bris)
  • Peter Kirn (New York)
  • VJzoo (Perth) - Resolume, Livid Cell, DM2, Fairlights


Solu (aka Mia Makela, Finland)

Solu is a Finnish media+live cinema artist, teacher, investigator and cultural activist residing in Barcelona.

Her recently completed Masters thesis on Live Cinema has been widely acknowledged as the best resource available to date on this rapidly evolving field. She has performed and conducted workshops in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Finland and more.

SOLU aka Mia Makela

Jean Poole

Jean Poole (Melbourne)

Jean Poole is a Melbourne based writer and video producer, especially interested in live audiovisual manipulation, and methods of combining animation with video. Creator of, he teaches digital media @ various Melbourne Universities.

Currently on a 6 month video residency in Istanbul, Turkey with, he has recently added many European audiovisual performances to a long list of festival gigs up and down the East coast of Australia.

He founded the Electrofringe Festival back in the 20th century, and more recently helped initiate Melbourne's long running Plug N Play event. His recently completed panoramic animation for six screens, 'Animals really are funny people' won the 2007 Horse Bazaar prize.


dpWolf (Melbourne)

David Wolf (aka dpwolf) is a digital media artist who's work focusses on the production of interactive, network based video works and performances. He recently completed his Master of Arts at RMIT in Melbourne. His research looked at the changes in audio-visual production methods associated with the use of real time interactive, network-aware software.

As part of his research David creates programs designed for use in live video performance (VJing).

He has performed at festivals and events such as The Melbourne International Film Festival, Liquid Architecture, Electrofringe, Straight Out of Brisbane, The Melbourne International Arts Festival and has web based works presented at NewMediaFest and MonteVideo.

Pied Piper (Melbourne)

PiedPiper started promoting parties as part of the EMAS university group in Perth, W.A. in 1996, which gave him a deep understanding of the requirements for a successful event. Instead of joining the bandwagon and becoming a dj, he investigated the little known art of vj'ing, which resonated with his visual interpretation of the world.

His first encounter with computer graphics was with computer based programs like arkaos, and "scene demos", aswell as xmix- videos. His first vj gig was at a dance party in 1999 with DJ Aphrodite using a VHS player, a single PC and a basic vision mixer. Since then he has continued to perform at a number of regular nights and special events. For a number of years he was the regular vj for Delirium and Loaded Dice, Two of the biggest promoters in perth - Ministry of sound, Gatecrasher, mixmag etc, As a result he have performed with a number of the worlds leading dj's, to name a few: Sasha, Jeff mills, Q-bert, Dillinja, Naughty by Nature, stanton warriors, Andy C, Green Velvet, infusion, Itchy and Scratchy etc..

VJ PiedPiper has always been an active member of several internet forums devoted to the art of VJj'ing
( as well as giving a VJ seminar for the deuce collective and ArtRage in 2004.

In 2005 VJ PiedPiper started the OpenTZT project - which has resulted in a leading vj application being open sourced and FREE for the community. Currently PiedPiper is living in Melbourne Australia where he performs at a monthly night called "Fromage" at the popular and very vj friendly bar known as "Loop"! Headed to Northern hemisphere at the end of the year, PiepPiper is set to take his Vj'ing to New York City, Toronto, and London and beyond!

Peter Kirn

Peter Kirn (US) is a media artist, visualist, composer, writer, and teacher. He is the creator and editor of and, sites for digital technologists, and runs Create Digital Media. These communities embrace a new wave of live performance technology, including DIY controllers and custom software, hacked and repurposed games and mobile devices, and visual instruments
and experimental motion graphics.

He is also a contributor to Macworld, Make, Keyboard, and other publications, and author of Real World Digital Audio (Peachpit Press). He has been a Digital Fellow at Dance Theater Workshop, a resident at the Corporation of Yaddo, and presented work at festivals including the Boston CyberArts Festival / Ideas in Motion. He regularly teaches media and technology.

Peter is completing a PhD in music composition at the City University
of New York Graduate Center with a research emphasis on expressive
technologies and visualizing music in virtual space.

Jaymis Loveday (Brisbane)

Jaymis is a Visualist - Video Artist, Performer, Director, Editor, Writer, Photographer and especially a student of the moving image. You will catch him writing for (and occasionally, performing on stage with Folk-Rock wundergroup Bobby Flynn and the Omega Three, with progressive house trio Segue, and locked in his studio in Brisbane, Australia.

In his spare time he is a director of the Oxygen Kiosk, a web studio which also has its hand in the development of CreateDigitalMotion and CreateDigitalMotion. He is the second half of CreateDigitalMedia alongside NY Digital Creator Peter Kirn.


Jaymis Loveday

VJzoo consists of Kat Black (VJ kattyb) and Jasper Cook (VJ bunniboi). We collect vintage equipment. We VJ. We tour. We run Plug n Play Perth. And this Festival :)

Paul Spinrad, author of the VJ Book said we're 'influential and internationally-respected VJs with a rare mix of (blah, blah)...' but that's probably because we plied him with cocktails after he came to one of our gigs in the US.

... the geek shall inherit the earth <