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Perth's Digital Content Community is vibrant, active and inclusive. Many of these organisations have free or low-cost events open to the general public, so you can go along and get to know what they're all about before you decide if you'd like to join. Some also have mailing lists or subscribable blogs that you can join up to keep in touch with what's on in the Digital Content community here in Western Australia. You also might like to subscribe to the ICTICC initiative ICT Industry Events List, which features major events by some of these groups.

So far, the following community-based organisations have committed to being involved in the Festival:

Form - building a state of creativity

FORM is a cultural change agent which works to stimulate WA’s competitiveness and creativity through physical, attitudinal and systemic change.

Women are IT

WIT WA is a Perth-based not for profit organisation providing a framework upon which women in I.C.T. industries can extend their network and expand their knowledge in an environment that encourages open conversation and debate.

Our members, both women and men, want to encourage girls and women to choose ICT as a career and raise the status of women in Australian business and in the ICT industries in particular.

Go Girl, Go for IT Careers Expo

Go Girl is a Careers Showcase for female students in Western Australian High Schools, to present the many faces of the Information, Communication and Technology Industry.

WAnimate MySpace

WAnimate - the Western Australian Animation Association. Regular workshops and guest speakers, which have included Cortney Armitage from Pixar, Sue Erokan from Dreamworks, Jonathan Harb from Industrial Light and Magic and more.

Perth Massive

From it's origins in Perth Western Australia, MASSIVE is an annual end of year celebration for all the world's hard working people in the Digital and Computing related fields. At it's heart, MASSIVE is a reflective social event which salutes you, your work, your colleagues and your industry.

Designers, architects, web developers, film and television, gamers, academics, photographers, animators, authors, programmers, scientists, researchers, musicians, marketing, advertisers, artists are all welcome. TUESDAY 4th Dec - Free, but Registration required!

Perth Norg - CitJ's of Western Australia

PerthNorg is a user empowered news site that gives citizen journalists (you!) editorial control. Every news item on PerthNorg is a submission from the Norg community by either creating it, sourcing it, ranking or commenting on it.

Photographers in Perth Flickr Group
Photographers in Perth Flickr Group, an informal group of professional photographers and enthusiasts with over 400 members. Online discussion, regular meets and exhibitions. Running Heartlands Exhibition at Kurb Gallery as part of the Byte Me! Festival.
AWIA - The Australian Web Industry Association

The Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) was formed in 2004 (as Port 80 Inc, originally established as a social network for web professionals in 2002). It is a not-for-profit association which aims to:

* Further the advancement of the web industry within Australia.
* Educate the general public about the role of professionals in the web industry.
* Foster greater ties with like-minded organisations

Plug n Play Perth
Plug n Play - an informal regular event where VJs and AV artists get together and jam. Part social club, part professional development with mentoring of newbs and Show n Tell of hardware, software, techniques and styles. The original Plug n Play started in Melbourne where it's been run weekly for several years. Perth was second, and has run roughly twice a month since mid 2006. Sydney is the new kid on the block.

GrooveFM Youth Community Radio

Groove FM has been operating since 2002, with the heartfelt support from volunteers and the community. We are now one of W.A’s leading youth media organizations by providing a platform for young people to establish their careers in the media and radio industry.

Propelarts Youth Arts WA

Propelarts is the peak body for youth arts in WA, providing youth arts information, support, networks, skills development and a collective voice for young creative people and organisations.


PIGMI - the Perth Independant Game Makers Initiative - a discussion group for Perth people interested in developing their own games or finding a games development team to work with.

nullabor games comp and demo party
nullarbor is a demoparty and game development competition combined. It's an event that brings together a community of Australian programmers, designers, artists and musicians to promote interactive technologies and a form of electronic art called demos. Nullarbor provides a forum where people can get to know each other and exchange ideas, as well as be given an opportunity to demonstrate and improve their skills. Nullarbor entries will be on display at the Interface.
ACM Siggraph Perth
SIGGRAPH - a network of computer graphics and interactive technology professionals and students. Regular monthly meetings are held with screenings, guest speakers and networking sessions. Hosts of Perth Massive.
awise - Australian Women in IT and Science Entity
Awise - A national communications umbrella that forms a collaborative voice connecting ICT networks for women.
Orange Zucchini
Orange Zucchini - an online design community for students, academics and professionals in Western Australia.
Digital Labourers Federation
The DLF is a non-profit social group which acts as a contact for people working in the Digital Arts Industry. Most members work in the television and film industry, however anybody involved in the creation of digital media is welcome.
Australia Cultural Fund - Australia Business Arts Foundation
AbaF - the Australia Business Arts Foundation are supporting BM!F by administering donations under the Australia Cultural Fund - which means... you give them money and get a tax deduction, and they give the money to us. See our Sponsor page for more info - although donations are NOT sponsorship, you won't get your logo splashed around the place or it wouldn't be a donation, would it? We just didn't have anywhere better to put it.
EFA - Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc
Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc (EFA) is a non-profit national organisation representing Internet users concerned with on-line freedoms and rights. EFA was established in 1994 and is independent of government and commerce. EFA is funded by membership subscriptions and donations from individuals and organisations with an altruistic interest in promoting online civil liberties.  
AVit AVIT is an international community based and led organization dedicated to creating a place where artists, developers, educators and manufacturers from all around the world can come and share their knowledge with each other. The organization itself has grown from the online VJ community at, which is an open publishing system for the interaction and exchange of knowledge between live video artists. AVIT aims to help those who are eager to learn about the tools and techniques available for live audio/video performance and to provide a platform for performance.
Cut n Paste DVD Cut n Paste are a new quarterly dvd street press, based in Perth, Western Australia. 'Cut & Paste' is a new platform showcasing the best of music, film and culture; locally, nationally and internationally.
University of Western Australia School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

University of Western Australia's School of Computer Science and Software Engineering - at the Interface, UWA CSSE will be demonstrating their Awesome Animations & Animatronics Program showcasing new technology and advances in the information technology area, and discussing the CSSE's available courses, careers suitable for graduates etc.

At the cutting edge of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE), our researchers and postgraduate students will be able to introduce the myriad of applications and industries CSSE is relevant to, including robotics, avian-flu and bushfire spread, 3-D modelling, etc.

FTI - the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia

The Film & Television Institute is the premier centre of excellence at the forefront of fostering an innovative and diverse independent screen community and culture throughout Western Australia.

Of special interest to animators or those interested in animation is Squoodle Sundays, their new developmental scheme for animators.

Perth's Digital Content Community is vibrant, active and inclusive.

If your organisation is part of the digital content community and you'd like to be involved, drop us a line.

You might want to participate in the Interactive Foyer space, which will be open on the ground floor of the Perth Town Hall from Sunday 2nd - Sunday 9th December. This is a free event, open to the public. You wouldn't get paid, but we could provide the space for free - as long as you can commit to providing and manning your equipment with sufficient volunteers. Alternatively, if appropriate you might like your members to contribute to the Get Reel screenings of digital content.

In addition to the exposure your organisation and its members will receive, we will be offering the 'Festival partner' discounted ticket price to all financial members of participating organisations. While ticket pricing has yet to be finalised, this discount is intended to be substantial - 40-50% off. An incentive for your lapsed members to renew perhaps?

We will need hardworking, committed volunteers for a range of roles during the Byte Me! Festival.

There will be an induction before the Festival, and volunteers will be matched with roles based on your skills and interests.

Whether you're an Events Management student, a member of one of the participating Community Groups or just someone interested in getting involved - drop us a line.

In addition, we may need to find a community body to auspice the volunteer program. If your organisation already uses volunteers and you'd like to help us out, please get in touch.

... the geek shall inherit the earth <