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Byte Me! Festival is a showcase of digital content in its many forms. Most people don’t know what ‘digital content’ really means, but you use it every day in many different ways - on the web, on TV, at the movies, on your mobile and on games consoles - just to name a few. Digital content isn’t an Industry, it’s part of almost EVERY Industry.

This is a chance for digital content creators to step away from our screens and show you, the general public, what we do and why we love it so much.

We've used our secret geek-powers to score some really amazing international speakers - have a look at the speakers list :)

I hope that you enjoy the Festival, and perhaps even consider a career in this exciting and rapidly growing field. Drop me a line on Facebook, Myspace or Flickr.

Tickets are now on sale for all events. Bear in mind that the capacity of the venue with cabaret seating (as it will be for most of our events) is only 240 people, so for some of the higher profile events you'll have to be quick!

As the Minister for Industry and Enterprise, I am pleased to be a part of this inaugural festival that will showcase the exciting world of digital content.

The innovative and creative world of information and communications technology (ICT) is central to everyday life and Western Australia is at the forefront.

The State is home to some of the most talented and experienced companies and education facilities, who are paving a path of success nationally and internationally.

The Government of Western Australia is strongly committed to supporting innovation as a key driver of the State’s economy beyond the current resources boom.

I have developed four pillars that will support our economy – ICT, Marine and Defence, Biotechnology and Renewable Energy.

Our work around the ICT pillar includes emerging industries such as computer gaming and digital content.

The Byte Me! festival is the perfect platform to excite and inform our future generation to consider ICT as a career option. I encourage everyone to become involved.

The Hon. Francis Logan

The Hon. Francis Logan
Minister for Industry and Enterprise

The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor,  Lisa Scaffidi

The Right Honourable
The Lord Mayor
Lisa Scaffidi

I am pleased to introduce Byte Me!, a festival celebrating creativity in the digital content sector. This galaxy of industries includes work as diverse as digital animation, 3D virtual safety walkthroughs for mine sites and mobile telephone games. Perth-based expertise in digital content production contributes to the city’s current prosperity and vitality, and can only grow in importance as the world continually finds more ways to use digital information for work and play.

It is delightful that such a contemporary festival, with guest presenters of national and international standing, is located at the historic Perth Town Hall.

Perth Town Hall

Thanks to the generous support of the City of Perth, the Festival will be based in the CBD at the stunning, recently refurbished Perth Town Hall with some events at other venues nearby. They have a great virtual tour on their website so you can have a look around there.

There will be FREE interactive community activities, as well as a jam-packed program of low-cost events such as screenings and guest speakers. See the Program for the timetable of events.

If you'd like to show your support for BM!F, donations are greatly appreciated (nomatter how small) - and tax deductible!

Byte Me! Festival will feature events by a number of community-based organisations involved in the creative technology industries. A geekfest, if you will. The emphasis is on community involvement and showcasing creativity that incorporates technology in some way.

We encourage you also to look at the Graphite2007 Conference if you're academically inclined. It's on at the same time at Byte Me! Festival and covers some similar territory, but from a very different perspective. They're sort of like our smarter, older, glasses-wearing sibling, and we're the saucy, shallow young brat. But hey, it's worth coming to Perth in December to visit the whole local digital-content family :)

One of the key features of the Festival was the screenings of Western Australian digital content.

Congratulations to designers Tristan Groves and Tom Williamson for winning the design comp. It was a hard decision, and in the end we couldn't choose a single winner. Thanks to all the entrants for some great entries! See FAQ's for more details.

If you have any questions not covered by this website, please contact:

What's Digital Content?

Although this isn't an exclusive list, these are just some aspects of the digital content industries we'll be showcasing:

Computer Games

Digital Animation

Mobile Phone Content - wallpapers, ringtones, animation and games for phones

3D visualisation such as architectural walk-throughs, virtual safety-training, product design etc

Convergent Media - interactive storytelling, webisodes, blogging, podcasting

Visual FX for Film and Television

Digital Photography and manipulation

Digital Film-making - shooting, editing, compositing

Graphic Design, including for web and multimedia

Music Industry - VJing, DJing, electronic music production, soundtracks, audio production, music videos and live AV (audiovisual) performance

and a whole lot more

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